Dorothy Leone-Glasser, RN, HHC

Executive Director
Dorothy Leone-Glasser, RN, HHC, has lived with systemic lupus for over thirty-five years. As a result, she has overcome two forms of cancer, disabling arthritis, kidney failure, a coma, heart attack, and two strokes. During this time she graduated from a wheelchair to crutches to ultimately walking with her own two feet.  Between the ages of 20 and 37, Dorothy received three death sentences imposed by her doctors. From receiving the National Arthritis Foundation Hero award to today she is alive and paving the way to the future of wellness as Executive Director of the Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC), a non-profit wellness and advocacy organization.
As Dorothy drove her wheelchair, she also drove her career.  Dorothy’s philosophy, “Illness lives in the mind, plays out in the body, and comes to a place of peace in the spirit where wellness survives” was the compelling energy behind her success.  Empowering others with her personal philosophy and raising a strong voice of advocacy, Dorothy has taught countless others how to “live wise and live well.” She is currently writing a Wellness and Advocacy book to account her health journey and share her teachings. She is also currently writing a best practice model for providing ongoing care for those undocumented and uninsured.
She is a thirty-three year member of the Board of Directors at the Arthritis Foundation (AF) currently serving as the Advocacy and Disparities Populations Chair on the Leadership Council for the SE Region. Dorothy provides advocacy consulting to numerous organizations, societies and patient groups. She facilitates an ongoing patient group ARxC STARS that empowers its members to promote wellness and prevention practices along with being active healthcare advocates. She has published countless materials on being a STAR Advocate and educating patients about wellness. Dorothy is frequently seen and heard on TV, radio, and print media. She testifies before congressional committees and local government Boards on health care advocacy issues and has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women as ‘Woman of the Year 2012’. Dorothy received the 2013 “Latino Health Excellence Award” from the Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia.
Dorothy was asked to speak with President George W. Bush to a crowd of 4,200 citizens, legislators, and community and civic leaders at the Atlanta Civic Center, in Atlanta.  They discussed Dorothy’s experiences and insights educating people on the new Medicare benefits and enrollment for Part D prescription drug coverage.
The Advocates for Responsible Care theme for all their initiatives is “Caring for Health” because they have always advocated for full access to medications and care with an emphasis on reducing health disparities. In 2011 ARxC, with Georgia Bio, took the lead to organize the Specialty Tiers Coalition of Georgia consisting of 18 health organizations that will lend support to develop patient protections to end the dangerous cost-shifting practice of prohibitive out-of- pocket costs for life-saving biologic prescription drugs.
As the representative of the patients of the Grady Dialysis Crisis, ARxC leads the negotiations for long-term treatments and continues to work toward a permanent solution to their care.  In December 2010 Dorothy received the Mundo Hispanico Award, Amigo de los Hispanos, for her work in advocating for dialysis patients who were in jeopardy of dying without dialysis treatment.

ARxC continues to lead the Specialty Tiers Coalition of GA’s call to action for Specialty Medicine legislation, the Prescription Transparency Act, and empowering patients to become successful health care advocates.