ARxC Partners and Patient Resources

ARxC collaborates with a wide variety of health advocates and community organizations to acheive our collective aim for health equity. The following organizations have partnered with ARxC to lend their support for ARxC's intiaitives.

​    o Better Georgia
    GCSC Consulting Specialists
    o Charles Craig: Legislative Affairs; Communications, Funding
    o Jennifer McKenna: JMac Consulting; Strategy and Planning, Communications
    o Gabrielle Jones King: Outreach, Community Coordinator
    o Leigh Essex Walker: University and Program Outreach, Student Affairs, Victim Response
    o Georgia Asthma Coalition
    o Georgia Bio
    o Hemophilia of Georgia   
    o Infections Disease Society, Georgia
    o LACES
    o Metropolitan Atlanta Rheumatology Society (M.A.R.S.)
Patient Resources

Please Contact Us if you are interested in partnering with ARxC or joining the Specialty Tiers Coalition of Georgia. 

Go to the ARxC Calendar to learn about events hosted by ARxC and our valued partners.