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The Telegraph:He will die without treatment. But when clinic closes, there’s nowhere for him to go.

The Telegraph

He will die without treatment. But when clinic closes, there’s nowhere for him to go

By Samantha Max smax@macon.com; Fitzgerald, GA

Find full article at: https://www.macon.com/news/local/article215488215.html

July 31, 2018

Without these treatments, Andres Diego will die.

Kristin's Story: When we look internally and become proactive in our health, we get back in touch with who we are, what we are capable of, gaining our families and friends support, life becomes a welcomed adventure again, not a battle.

Kristin’s Story

ARxC signs on to the "I Am Essential" coalition - 7/16/18 sign on deadline

The "I Am Essential" coalition has prepared draft comments for organizational sign-on in response to the President's Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs. Our comments focus on proposals contained in the Request for Information (RFI) that address efforts to reduce patient cost-sharing in qualified health plans.

Pre-existing conditions up in air?

The June 19, 2018 Georgia Health Report features a discussion between host Lauren Baggett and Georgia Health News editor Andy Miller on why the Trump administration is throwing its support behind a lawsuit against the ACA and how it could change coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Listen at https://www.georgiahealthnews.com/ghn-on-the-air/pre-existing-conditions-air/

Commentary: 'Step Therapy' has gone too far, and action is needed

Check out Dorothy's latest commentary on step therapy legislation in Georgia Health News at http://www.georgiahealthnews.com/2018/03/legislators-chance-rein-excesses-step-therapy/.


Call To Action: Social Media Blast in Support of Passing Step Therapy Legislation in the Senate

Join ARxC and the Rx in Reach Georgia Coalition in support of passing HB 519 in the Georgia Senate.

Use your social media outlets to educate your community about the dangers of step therapy and the opportunity your state se

nator has to help you get the medications prescribed by your clinicians.


Georgia House Passes Legislation to Limit Step Therapy & Improve Urgent Medication Access