March 6, 2017 - CROSSOVER Update

Georgia Health Care Legislation Update: After Crossover Day

Crossover Day is the day a bill must cross from its chamber (House or Senate) of origin to the opposite chamber to remain viable for this legislative session. Here are some bills that made it through.

 Surprise Billing bills keep moving

ARxC is the proud fiscal sponsor of the March for Science Atlanta. Join the cause at





February 28, 2017


The Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC) is the proud fiscal sponsor for the March for Science Atlanta.

Science-based evidence is the foundation from which we advocate for the responsible care of all people, all communities, and the environment that we share. 

ARxC fully supports the national mission of the March for Science.

Legislative Update Week of 2/27/17

Legislative Update Week of 2.27.17

Surprise Billing Legislation – SB8 & HB71

SB 8 received unanimous approval by the Senate on Friday, which means the bill will proceed to the House of Representatives to be considered. We expect to see some changes to the legislation as it moves through the House but anticipate that consumer protections and transparency requirements will remain intact. HB 71 will be voted on by the House of Representatives tomorrow, February 28, 2017. 

ARxC Call to Action: Insist that HIV funding will continue without interruption or changes in resources

The Trump Administration has hinted to the possibility of cutting funds for HIV/AIDS treatment.

Read the latest article a on The Future of HIV Funding Under President Trump at

Call your Senators and House Representative to insist that HIV funding will continue without any interruptions or changes in resources. 

STOP the repeal of the ACA - Call your Senators Today

Courtesy of the National Health Law Program:

President-Elect and Congressional leadership to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will strip health care coverage from tens of millions of individuals and increase health care costs for millions more. Congressional Republicans are rushing ahead to destroy the ACA and the expansion of Medicaid.  

ARxC 2017 Legislative Priorities and Advocacy Agenda

1.    Access to care

a.    Eliminating fail first policies through Step Therapy legislation

b.    Limiting out of pocket costs for Specialty Tier medications

c.    Ensuring health access for the Non-eligible and uninsured

d.    Safeguarding opiod overdose by establishing prevention coalitions

2.   Patient Protections and Physician Relationships

a.    Establishing Universal prior authorization

VOTE on November 8th or earlier...and be sure to familiarize yourself with the 4 proposed constitutional amendments


VOTE NOV 8, 2016 (or earlier)

Promoting Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs: Policy Analysis and Consumer Recommendations for State Policymakers, Consumer Advocates, and Health Care Stakeholders

ARxC has been fighting to have full access and reducing the high costs of prescription drugs. It looks at the skyrocketing costs for all medications and especially the most cutting-edge therapies.

Who is protecting the ethical and cost decisions for patient access to treatment?

I am going to introduce you to an organization that is supposed to be looking out for patients; keeping costs affordable, confirming people get the care they need and give recommendations that will improve their health. To help improve access to care and prevent economic hardship to patients, an academic research group called the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) was created at Harvard Medical School. ICER formed in 2006 as a blending of expertise in health care ethics and evidence-based medicine.

ARxC mourns the passing of our Dialysis patient, Justo Baudilio Rodriguez

With deep sorrow ARxC mourns the passing of our Dialysis patient, Justo Baudilio Rodriguez. Justo was much loved by the ARxC community and will be greatly missed.