In Loving Memory of Maria Estrela Lopez-Estrada

With great sorrow ARxC announces the passing of another ARxC Dialysis family member, Maria Estella Lopez (April 12, 1964 - August 31, 2014).
Maria was one of our original Grady Dialysis Patients. Although she received routine dialysis treatment, Maria suffered greatly for the past 5 years and especially the past 2 years being hospitalized most of the time. She endured her blindness, strokes and respiratory illnesses along with her kidney failure bravely and always by her side was her devoted husband, Gilberto.

ARxC Patients Are Reassured and Thankful

“This agreement means we will live. This is such a huge blessing”, Baani, Dialysis Patient, ARxC 

ARxC Patients Denied Emergency Dialysis Treatment from Grady Hospital

“I already have serious heart complications. Without dialysis I am a ticking bomb.” 
-Reina, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 

ARxC Grady Dialysis Patients Turned Away from Fresenius

“They will not help us until we are dying. It will be too late.” 
-Baani, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 

ARxC Grady Dialysis Patients left without Dialysis Treatment

“If I have to go back to sitting in an emergency room, praying to get dialysis, I will die.” 
-Baani, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 

ARxC stands with County Commissioners to hold Grady Health Systems accountable to serving residents

“Our records also indicate the recent costs for operation of {these} clinics are substantially less than the costs of salary increases for Grady’s top executives.”  
-Emma Darnell, Fulton County Commissioner