Capitol Day for Step Therapy: January 23, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 11Am-2PM @ CLOB Room 605

"Real science is humble."

"Real science is humble."

Happy Holidays!

ARxC works hard all year for patients to have fully, affordable access to their healthcare. We play hard at our ARxC STARS Holiday party. Thank you for your support. Please consider donating so we can continue to be your voice. 

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment: October 15 - December 7, 2017

Access a factsheet about Medicare Part D enrollment for Georgians at /sites/

Step Therapy bill is Alive, PartD and Biosimilar coding

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Now An Eternal Love

Leigh and Karson share their love for the symbol for eternity. Leigh wears eternity earrings and Karson wears an eternity ring given to her by Leigh. The two circles the eight forms have no ending and no beginning and continue in its pattern forever. In Feng Shui, the infinity knot is special and is used to create what's called the mystic knot. The eternity sign symbolizes unending luck, prosperity and abundance; ensuring the energy they attract will be never-ending. This symbol embodies Karson and Leigh.

Celebrate Medicare!



Medicare is disproportionately important for women and for aging people of color since they are least able to afford the high cost of healthcare and the most likely to have health issues. These groups are also more likely to be dual eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.


·      Nationally, 58% of Medicare enrollees are women.

CBO Score Update on BCRA

A CBO score was released on the revised version of a Senate Healthcare bill (BCRA) (the Cruz amendment is not included) which shows that this latest version of the bill would result in 22 million people losing coverage over a decade. That is simply unacceptable.

ARxC Update for Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

July 17, 2017

This latest version of the Senate’s Health care Bill does not fix any problems. The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the draft bill released by the Senate on June 22, threatens public health in two critical ways. (