Commentary: 'Step Therapy' has gone too far, and action is needed

Check out Dorothy's latest commentary on step therapy legislation in Georgia Health News at


Call To Action: Social Media Blast in Support of Passing Step Therapy Legislation in the Senate

Join ARxC and the Rx in Reach Georgia Coalition in support of passing HB 519 in the Georgia Senate.

Use your social media outlets to educate your community about the dangers of step therapy and the opportunity your state se

nator has to help you get the medications prescribed by your clinicians.


Georgia House Passes Legislation to Limit Step Therapy & Improve Urgent Medication Access 

Capitol Day for Step Therapy: January 23, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 11Am-2PM @ CLOB Room 605

"Real science is humble."

"Real science is humble."

Happy Holidays!

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Medicare Part D Open Enrollment: October 15 - December 7, 2017

Access a factsheet about Medicare Part D enrollment for Georgians at /sites/

Step Therapy bill is Alive, PartD and Biosimilar coding

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Now An Eternal Love

Leigh and Karson share their love for the symbol for eternity. Leigh wears eternity earrings and Karson wears an eternity ring given to her by Leigh. The two circles the eight forms have no ending and no beginning and continue in its pattern forever. In Feng Shui, the infinity knot is special and is used to create what's called the mystic knot. The eternity sign symbolizes unending luck, prosperity and abundance; ensuring the energy they attract will be never-ending. This symbol embodies Karson and Leigh.