Georgia Assembly Approves Hate Crimes Law

Georgia Coalition for Safe Communities CALL TO ACTION






UPDATE: GA Hate Crimes Bill HB426

June 10, 2020


ARxC is calling on Georgians to demonstrate the people's demand that the Georgia Senate pass hate crimes legislation in Georgia (HB 426)

ARxC patient advocates and supporters, we are calling on you to deomstrate the peoples' demand for hate crime legislation in Georgia.

Georgia is one of only 4 states that does not have a hate crimes law to increase penalities for crimes committed based on bias or prejudice against someone because of their race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability. 

Georgia Coalition for Safe Communities Statement: Georgia Needs A Hate Crimes Law






Georgia Needs a Hate Crimes Law


ARxC Wins the Atlanta Business Chronicle Health Care Hero Award for Community Outreach

Atlanta Business Chronicle Health Care Hero: Community Outreach


Send your information to the U.S. Census - Revised schedule for self-response data collection is extended to October 21, 2020

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Services to help Georgians during Covid 19 crisis

Available services to help Georgians during Covid 19 crisis.

Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC) COVID-19 Response

Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC) Covid19 Response


“You can't sit around and wait for the storm to be over. You've got to learn how to dance in the rain." Vivian Greene


"Dying Decisions" by Linda Reid

“Dying Decisions” by Linda Reid

Pants Suit Nation 4.27.20


I have become disturbed by the recent events in numerous states. People rioting against the COVID-19 lock downs. To be clear these lockdowns are not mandatory. They are strenuously recommended! The social distancing is in place because of the human element. It has been said that COVID 19 can infect 2 people for each person that has been infected.