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September 8, 2011
“This agreement means we will live. This is such a huge blessing”, Baani, Dialysis Patient, ARxC 
September 3, 2011
“I already have serious heart complications. Without dialysis I am a ticking bomb.” 
-Reina, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 
September 1, 2011
“They will not help us until we are dying. It will be too late.” 
-Baani, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 
August 31, 2011
“If I have to go back to sitting in an emergency room, praying to get dialysis, I will die.” 
-Baani, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 
April 3, 2011
“Our records also indicate the recent costs for operation of {these} clinics are substantially less than the costs of salary increases for Grady’s top executives.”