John Lewis Students Update #1 May 2021

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John Lewis Students Update #1 May 2021

Helping John Lewis Elementary through Covid 19

At our May 2021 Advocates for Responsible Care Board Meeting we welcomed our friend, 4th grade teacher Kathryn Kutcha, of @JohnLewisElementarySchool.

In December 2020, ARxC noticed an appeal for PPE and school supplies on our Next-Door Newsletter App. Kathryn (Kathy) Kutcha was in need to help her 4th grade John Lewis Elementary class with Covid protection and school supplies. The School has supplied very little to help protect herself and students during the Covid pandemic. Her students come from hard working families, who value an education.

ARxC had been recognized as a Health Care Hero for Community Outreach in 2020 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. We had also been awarded a grant by the Pfizer Foundation to continue our work to help provide PPE for hospitals and clinics, electronics for learning, including computer tablets for minority communities, meals, school supplies, clothing and PPE for the homeless and assisting others who needed help during Covid 19. When we heard about the need for Kathy’s students; we knew we must help.

ARxC was a longtime friend and supporter of our committed leader, Congressman John Lewis. ARxC’s headquarters is in District5, Congressman Lewis’ district and now represented by Congresswoman Nikema Williams.  After meeting Kathy Kutcha and hearing her speak about her class, we knew we could help her students get through the pandemic. Her students are happy, smart and enjoy learning. Kathy is a devoted teacher who has worked hard to improve their learning opportunities. ARxC is fortunate to now have her as a friend in our community.

ARxC started to lend support to the 4th grade John Lewis Elementary students in December with PPE and school supplies during covid. Kathy sent back ‘thank you’ from the students with photos. As the year progressed and as Covid 19 spread, Ms. Kutcha’s class went virtual. Because of our devotion to the John Lewis Elementary School and education we continue to support Kathy and her class; recently donating 50 white boards, markers, pens and other school supplies along with more PPE. We were able to donate a van load at our ARxC May Board Meeting which gave us an opportunity to meet Kathy in person. We ordered year books to support the school and to share with Congresswoman Nikema Williams.

We plan to visit Ms. Kutcha’s class in the fall and hope our Rep. Nikema Williams will join us.

We will keep you updated on the students at John Lewis Elementary as summer school will soon begin.

If you would like to help students in need in Georgia, please go to