Tell Governor Kemp to put patients first by signing PBM Bills. CALL TODAY

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Tell Governor Kemp to put patients first by signing PBM Bills.

ARxC has been leading the Rx in Reach GA Coalition to improve patient’s affordable access to prescription drugs and treatments in Georgia. The Rx in Reach GA Coalition has expanded its membership from 40 health-centered physician, nurses and patient organizations advocating for legislation that ends the financial and discriminatory barriers to securing vital medical care and medication for patients. (

Last legislative session, the Rx in Reach GA Coalition was instrumental in passing a comprehensive Step Therapy Reform bill that was implemented as of January 2020. This session we worked hard to get legislation passed to help patients get the medications and treatments they vitally need. Senate Bill 313 and House Bills 946, 918, and 991,  all work together to tighten regulations of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and increase patient access to medications. PBMs are little-known middlemen, hired by insurance companies, to profit in the health care system by negotiating between health insurers, drug manufacturers and pharmacies – often resulting in blocking doctor’s prescribed therapies for patients, confusing pharmaceutical policies and skyrocketing pharmaceutical prices for patients. (

We are urging Governor Brian Kemp to sign these bills into law. You can help expand access and affordability of prescription drugs and treatments by joining us in pressing Governor Kemp to pass these bills now. Please call Governor Brian Kemp: 404.656.1776 and/or send an email to  or .

See our letter to Governor Kemp: /sites/