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UPDATE: GA Hate Crimes Bill HB426

June 10, 2020


We have been working hard to get the word out and garner support for passing The Georgia Hate Crimes Bill now!


·       Faith in Public Life (FPL) GA had a successful Zoom Presser with clergy leader last week. If you missed these powerful messages you can view here:


·      FPL GA has made a valuable contribution to our efforts to pass HB 426 by sponsoring a GA Clergy and lay clergy petition. Thank you FPL-OUTCRY GA! Over 200 signatures were received and compiled in a GCSC document that was distributed today to the Governor, Lt. Governor, Senate Leadership and Senate Judiciary. Thank you Charlie! (see full petition here).


·      We urge all our GCSC members to help us appeal to Leadership and Senate Judiciary to pass HB 426 now! Then spread the word!


·      To assist you we have extensively updated our GCSC Website making it easy for you and             colleagues and friends:


·      Our updated GCSC website includes the CALL TO ACTION - action network link on the home page. 


·       Please see the compelling video of Ahmaud Arbery’s mother in the NYT, that is also on our website:


To Date


·      We have also been in close communication with HB 426 author, Rep. Chuck Efstration who has applauded our efforts.


·      The Senate Judiciary Committee has NOT placed HB 426 on their Agenda. Our efforts to email and call them COULD CHANGE THAT! Please contact them and the Gov. and LT. Gov., spread the word and share on all your social media platforms!


·      There was an article in the AJC of “state’s biggest firms push for hate-crimes law”. You can read it at: GCSC contacted this group of businesses lending our support and the Clergy Petition.


Please step-up now! If you have a website, please place this Call to Action for HB 426 on your Home page.  Contact the Georgia Senate Leadership and Senate Judiciary Committee members and spread the word asking all you know to contact them and support passing HB426.


Full Call to Action available as a pdf here.