Stop the Epidemic of Gun Violence

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Stop the Epidemic of Gun Violence

August 6, 2019


Outrage over the epidemic of gun violence sweeping the USA flared to a fever pitch in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, this past weekend with 31 people killed and as many as 50 injured in two mass shootings. As members of the Georgia Coalition for Safe Communities, we believe gun violence is a public health crisis, and it is long-past due for
state and federal legislation to address it.


The Georgia Coalition for Safe Communities (GCSC) was formed to advocate for federal, state and private funding to support gun violence research. Because of the complexities of gun violence and its many manifestations, we call for comprehensive research to understand the overall patterns of gun violence in Georgia, how our communities are affected by it and identify those most at risk.


In the meantime, our federal lawmakers can immediately adopt common sense legislation requiring background checks on all gun sales and banning assault style weapons.

Additionally, Georgia lawmakers have an opportunity to revisit current legislative positions.


GCSC is advocating for funding to study gun violence in Georgia as a way of adopting comprehensive, long-term solutions to end the epidemic in our state. For example, Georgia ranks 18th among US states for gun-related deaths and 11th for gun-related murders. Firearms caused 71% of recorded domestic violence fatalities in 2016, and of the more than 1,200 gun deaths per year, nearly two-thirds are suicides.


To effectively  shape the policies that will help advance gun violence prevention, our lawmakers must understand the causes and effects of gun violence by applying the same public health research approach used to study the causes and effect of diseases, such as cancer and HIV, and other forms of violence such as child abuse and sexual violence.


Join GCSC in urging Georgia lawmakers to protect our communities from gun violence by studying ways to prevent it. There is no such thing as senseless gun violence. What is senseless is ignoring our responsibility to prevent it.


Access the pdf of this statement here and the GCSC Onepager here.