Hearing for Governor's Risky Health Proposal Delayed; Keep Up the Pressure

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The Georgia House Special Committee on Access to Quality Health Care postponed this afternoon's hearing on the Patients First Act (SB 106)Thank you to everyone who contacted your state representative over the past 24 hours. Your help remains crucial to inform committee members that this flawed, risky proposal would exclude thousands of Georgians from expanded health coverage and could leave uninsured Georgians empty-handed for years to come.

>> Read key details about the risky proposal on CoverGa.org.

By arbitrarily restricting Medicaid eligibility, SB 106 would likely lock Georgia into lengthy waiver delays or outright failure. As currently written, the proposal could end up costing Georgia twice as much as alternative plans while covering only half as many Georgians with health insurance.


Please continue asking state representatives to fix this flawed bill by increasing Medicaid eligibility up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. Read more about SB 106 at CoverGa.organd then contact your state representative to ask their support to amend this bill to cover every eligible Georgian!

>> Contact your state representative now