Kristin's Story: When we look internally and become proactive in our health, we get back in touch with who we are, what we are capable of, gaining our families and friends support, life becomes a welcomed adventure again, not a battle.

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Kristin’s Story

Kristin is a 29-year-old career woman who has been burning the candle at both ends since she can remember. She is in a high-powered job that requires weekly travel, both nationally and internationally, where she consults executive management of Fortune 500 companies that are in need of massive overhauls. Years of enduring pressures and late nights due to the high demands of her clients combined with constrained timelines begin to result in acute and recurring infections.


Prior to her corporate endeavors, her family heard from her so much that they joked about not being able to get things done and her friends admired her, as she seemed to know everyone in the town in which she grew up and made friends anywhere and everywhere she met.


Life was different now. The phone calls were few and far between and her friends didn’t bother calling her anymore. They knew she was essentially married to her job and inundated with copious amounts of work trying to keep up with client demands while struggling to maintain her shining reputation as far as her work ethic was concerned.


Her stress levels were at an all-time high and sleepless nights were the rule not the exception. As chronic fatigue symptoms set in, she began little by little to take more and more of her ADHD medication in an attempt to regain the control that was slipping out of her hands. Her body began to give her signs that it could not keep up. Due to the high stress, stimulants and inconsistent sleep patterns she began to take sleep medication which left her feeling groggy and in a fog the day following. She continued to push through because her type A personality refused to allow her to appear weak. She had pneumonia twice in a year and when her body forced her to take a short break, she slept the entire weekend. She began to have sensitivities to things and odd rashes that she wrote off as a fluke.


As she continued to remain on the corporate leash, the muscle and joint pain began. She also would have days where the pain in her wrist and hand was so bad that she could not write. At first the pain was tolerable, as she would go and get a quick 10 minute massage at the local nail salon or do some stretches or try other do it yourself remedies. Over time, the pain would result in one day, then two days and progressively more absent days from work. If she could take any time off on the weekends, she would sleep nearly the entire weekend. Something was seriously wrong.


Then it happened…her body said NO MORE. She went into work and her hand was in complete paralysis and she could barely walk on one leg. She was so fatigued and weak she was unable to stand long enough to take showers and could not lift the glass of water from her bedside table. She went to several doctors as well as prestigious medical facilities that provided several diagnoses and put her on medication after medication. She was told that her prognosis was bleak. Her diagnoses left her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in despair. She was unable to work and falling deeper into debt.


She sought counseling to help her cope with her physical deterioration, mental fatigue and to establish a wellness plan to improve her future health. It was at that time that she turned inward for solutions. With counseling she began to strengthen her spiritual practice and after some time, she was divinely led to natural and alternative solutions along with physician-based medical care. Within a year she began to find her way out of the darkness and illness cycle.


Kristin began to understand that in order to get well she had to strengthen her spirit through relaxation and devotional techniques, which improved her mental dialogue about illness and wellness. Improving her nutrition and creating a balance between rest and activity helped decrease her symptoms and bring her body closer to wellness once again. Through this process, Kristin developed a greater understanding of energy medicine and how it influences all aspects of our life. She began to focus on healing her mind, body and spirit. She spent lots of time reflecting by being in nature, practicing mindfulness, identifying and changing behaviors that were no longer serving her and being patient and compassionate towards her body. She also found communities such as ARxC STARS that encouraged her to be her authentic self, listened to her challenges and supported her growth. She nurtured her body by doing yoga, eating a clean diet with supplementation and underwent regular chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. She engaged in lots of spiritual work that included daily mediation, prayer, gratitude, journaling and sought out the advice of spiritual and wellness counselors.


Eventually, her bloating started to diminish and the fatigue along with aches and pains began to subside. Being so relieved by her progress she began to research the effects of energy medicine. Eventually, she was able to go back to work on a part time basis, but not in the career she had before. She would never go back there. Her journey and success with energy medicine has enabled her to find, a new passion, community and restored sense of hope, but a job in the field as well, by helping others to improve their own health.


Sparkle: When we look internally and become proactive in our health, we get back in touch with who we are, what we are capable of, gaining our families and friends support, life becomes a welcomed adventure again, not a never- ending battle.


Go to to learn more about S.T.A.R.S. or Sisters Together for Awareness, Renewal and Support, a women’s support group of ARxC that provides an open and safe environment for members and guests to come together and discuss the concerns, needs, and direction of women in an enlightened time.