Now An Eternal Love

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Leigh and Karson share their love for the symbol for eternity. Leigh wears eternity earrings and Karson wears an eternity ring given to her by Leigh. The two circles the eight forms have no ending and no beginning and continue in its pattern forever. In Feng Shui, the infinity knot is special and is used to create what's called the mystic knot. The eternity sign symbolizes unending luck, prosperity and abundance; ensuring the energy they attract will be never-ending. This symbol embodies Karson and Leigh. Leigh has been her devoted mother ensuring their unconditional love is never-ending. Karson has been the daughter, ever grateful bringing her strength, wit and grace to an incomprehensible human situation. Karson's Spirit will live on forever in our hearts as she eternally leaves her footprint on this earth.
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