Call to Action: Oppose the BCBS ER Policy

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The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and its Georgia Chapter said a policy that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBS) plans to implement in July, making subscribers pay for any emergency department visit that turns out not to an emergency, violates the “prudent layperson” standard, which is codified in federal law, including the Affordable Care Act. It’s also law in more than 30 states.  The standard requires Emergency Room (ER) insurance coverage based on patient’s symptoms, not their final diagnosis. Patients, especially suffering during medical crisis should not have to worry about being covered. This policy threatens the safety of all Georgians. If we do not stop BCBS, other insurance companies will also deny coverage for ER visits.

ARxC is supporting ACEP and the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), along with TRAGIC (Teachers organization concerned with health needs) and other Rx in Reach Coalition members.

Call to Action

Contact Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens at 404.656.2070 or 800.656.2298 to oppose this dangerous BCBS policy. You may also go to:  to file an official complaint.

Here is a Fact Sheet on this BCBS Policy: