ARxC 2017 Legislative Priorities and Advocacy Agenda

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1.    Access to care

a.    Eliminating fail first policies through Step Therapy legislation

b.    Limiting out of pocket costs for Specialty Tier medications

c.    Ensuring health access for the Non-eligible and uninsured

d.    Safeguarding opiod overdose by establishing prevention coalitions

2.   Patient Protections and Physician Relationships

a.    Establishing Universal prior authorization

b.    Promoting Peer-to-peer review for prescription drugs and treatments

c.    Encouraging patient-provider care plan agreement

3.   Coverage

a.    Expanding Medicaid to low income individuals and families

b.    Upholding Medicare coverage (e.g. Part D; responding to CMMS changes)

c.    Continuing Medicaid coverage for the incarcerated

d.    Disseminating guidance on ACA Marketplace Coverage

4.   Value of Health

a.    Empowering Latinas to participate in health care access and wellness initiatives through our women’s advocacy program STARS

b.    Advancing diversity of research and development in biosciences

c.    Strengthening rural health and school health through telemedicine