Join RxinReach at the Arthritis Walk

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Please join Rx in Reach GA at the Atlanta Arthritis Walk® on May 7, 2016.

I have made a personal commitment to the Arthritis Walk® and the Foundation for over 34 years. My devotion is to the 50 million people who live with arthritis and their families who support them. Living my entire life with Systemic Lupus, I know their struggle. RX in Reach GA Walkers has taken on the challenge to advocate on behalf of patients and to find a cure for Arthritis. Your support for this year’s walk is more important than ever. Not only are more people, from children to adults, being diagnosed with one of the 110 forms of Arthritis, but we are engaged in a battle to protect patient’s affordable access to the Specialty biologic medications they need to live every day. Last year ARxC as a lead member of the Specialty Tiers Coalition of Georgia under the Rx in Reach GA movement got Biosimilar Drug legislation passed. Despite being ill, I spend many days at our Ga Capitol, speaking to legislators, leading advocacy meetings, publically speaking on access issues and writing letters asking for support to affordable access to specialty medications. This year, we are closer than ever to get this legislation. HB 875 is moving forward and with your help, will be an important issue for our next legislative session. ARxC is working hard (STCGA) to spread #RxinReach that advocates for legislation to end the financial and discriminatory barriers to securing biologic drugs. I live my life as a healthcare advocate and teaching others to do the same. Please donate today to help fund arthritis research, community programs and pass legislation for specialty medications. I deeply Thank you!

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Dorothy Leone-Glasser