Help Get Biosimilar Legislation Passed

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We need your help to get Biosimilar Legislation passed! O

On Wed., March 18, the House Rules Committee will consider whether or not to put SB 51 on the House floor for a vote Thursday.  Senator Dean Burke will ask the House Rules Committee to put it on the March 19 calendar.  It is crucial that SB 51 get out of the House Rules Committee.

We need everyone to contact via email and phone Rules Chairman John Meadows, Vice Chairman Rich Golick, Secretary Richard Smith, Speaker David Ralston, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, House Majority Leader Larry O'Neal, Majority Whip Matt Ramsey, Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, and Minority Whip Carolyn Hugley to convey the importance of moving SB 51 to the floor on Thursday for a vote.

This legislation passing will be helpful to us moving Biologic legislation. Please send a quick e-mail today and make the phone calls. Thank you for your support. 

Below is their contact info:
Rules Chairman John Meadows:<>
Rules Vice Chairman Rich Golick:<>
Rules Secretary Richard Smith:<>
Speaker David Ralston:<>
Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones:<>
House Majority Leader Larry O'Neal:<>
Majority Whip Matt Ramsey:<>
Minority Leader Stacey Abrams:<>
Minority Whip Carolyn Hugley:<>

Additionally, please feel free to contact other members of the House Rules Committee: