ARxC Patients Are Reassured and Thankful

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Press Release
“This agreement means we will live. This is such a huge blessing”, Baani, Dialysis Patient, ARxC 
Atlanta, Georgia – On September 8, 2011 at 5:30PM, 21 Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC) dialysis patients were able to give a united sigh of relief as they were told their scheduled dialysis treatments will continue at Fresenius Centers. An agreement has been reached between Grady Hospital System (GHS) and Fresenius Dialysis Centers to provide scheduled, uninterrupted dialysis for 21 ARxC patients. This agreement will remain in force until private dialysis providers, Metro Atlanta hospitals, dialysis suppliers, community and civic leaders, elected officials and other interested parties can meet to address a permanent solution of continuous dialysis treatment for 21 ARxC patients.
After one week of implausible anguish of denied life-saving treatments, disappointment, fear and less than comforting handling from hospital staff, ARxC dialysis patients will be able to once again embrace hope. 
The 21 dialysis patients will resume their schedule of treatments prior to the termination of a one year contract between GHS and Fresenius Dialysis Centers starting Friday, September 9, 2011. 
The Board of Directors of ARxC and its staff wish to thank Fresenius management and their  attorneys of Balch & Bingham for their willingness to continue the dialysis treatment of the patients and for their genuine concern for their safety. Our thanks also extend to Allison & Partners for inviting ARxC and Fresenius staff and attorneys to meet and coordinate our efforts to secure treatments for these patients. We thank GHS for its cooperation in reaching this agreement. 
The untiring endeavors and leadership of ARxC attorney Lindsay Jones and his law firm of Cook, Hall and Lampros have lead us from the start of this crisis to its outstanding outcome. 
We express our appreciation to the printed press and media, volunteers, fellow Georgia and U.S. citizens and global communities who have maintained interest in our journey.