ARxC Patients Denied Emergency Dialysis Treatment from Grady Hospital

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Press Release
“I already have serious heart complications. Without dialysis I am a ticking bomb.” 
-Reina, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 
Atlanta, Georgia –September 3, 2011 at 8:30AM, twelve (12) ARxC Dialysis patients were refused emergency dialysis treatment from the Grady Hospital System (GHS). Grady Emergency Room staff took blood pressure readings, blood tests and told the twelve (12) patients they would not receive dialysis. GHS sent them home. The patients attempted to state their symptoms and impress the urgency they felt struggling without dialysis treatment. GHS staff directed the patients to return to the ER only if their symptoms worsened. One patient, despite his blood pressure being elevated was sent home. Another patient was told to go to another hospital ER but not GHS. ARxC believes each patient is facing impending danger today and their threat of medical jeopardy is obvious. 
Five (5) of the 22 ARxC patients were hospitalized before today. With out explanation, three (3) of the ARxC patients are receiving temporary one month dialysis treatment extensions by Fresenius. One patient is staying with his family and could not get transportation to GHS. Two (2) patients did not go to GHS. 
Each day the patients must assess their symptoms and decide if it is worth the pain and humiliation of going to GHS Emergency Room. These patients cannot wait any longer for treatment without the consequence of permanent injury or death. ARxC and its supporters are asking our physicians, community leaders and elected officials to ask these two large corporations, GHS and Fresenius, “Why are you waiting? End this torture. Give the patients dialysis so they will not die while efforts proceed to reach a long term solution!”