ARxC Grady Dialysis Patients Turned Away from Fresenius

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Press Release
“They will not help us until we are dying. It will be too late.” 
-Baani, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 
Atlanta, Georgia – This morning at 7AM, twelve (12) ARxC Dialysis patients were refused their scheduled dialysis treatment from Fresenius locations. Fresenius told the patients they are Grady Hospital System’s (GHS) responsibility and must return to the GHS Emergency Room. The patients attempted to explain that they cannot receive scheduled care from GHS. Fresenius responded by threatening to call the police if they did leave the building. 
As reported yesterday, GHS has told ARxC they will not give these patients dialysis unless they are critical. Both Fresenius and GHS are publicly stating these 23 patients must be in imminent danger of dying before they will receive life-saving dialysis. 
These patients cannot wait for treatment. One patient was released from GHS last night after suffering a catheter infection and painful attempts to reinsert a new catheter. Another patient was feeling very ill and would not be able to wait any longer than this evening to be dialyzed. A young mother, 34 years old, is already critical with hypertension and heart artery decompensation. These patients are already ill and are now being forced to wait, until they are close to death. 
All ARxC Patients will meet Saturday, September 3, 2011, 7AM at GHS Emergency Room to attempt to receive dialysis treatment in hope of adding another day to their life.