ARxC Grady Dialysis Patients left without Dialysis Treatment

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Press Release
“If I have to go back to sitting in an emergency room, praying to get dialysis, I will die.” 
-Baani, Grady Dialysis Patient, ARxC member 
Atlanta, Georgia - Today Grady Health System’s (GHS) contract with Fresenius Medical Care-NA to provide dialysis for 25 ARxC undocumented and uninsured dialysis patients expires. Patients received a letter from Fresenius dated August 25, 2011 (attached) stating on September 1, 2011 their scheduled dialysis treatments will end. ARxC patients had been receiving their scheduled treatments three (3) days per week at Fresenius locations for two years. 
Once again these patients are left without dialysis care putting their lives in jeopardy. After consulting with GHS and Fresenius, ARxC has confirmed that their 25 patients will be forced to go to the Emergency Rooms of their local hospitals to seek dialysis treatment. GHS and Fresenius representatives have stated the patients will only receive emergency dialysis if: 
  • their blood potassium level is critically high and 
  • they have fluid accumulation in their lungs. 
GHS and Fresenius are in negotiation but both feel discouraged about the prospect of reaching an agreement to continue the scheduled treatments. The patients are desperate to continue their dialysis and were not given any warning or medical discharge of care from Fresenius or GHS. Fresenius wants the patients to return to Grady and Grady wants the patients to continue with Fresenius, claiming they are now Fresenius patients and their responsibility. 
Both parties are leaving the patients without dialysis treatment that is necessary to save their lives. Both parties want the patients to determine when they are medically critical to seek emergency care. Both parties know that emergency dialysis for End Stage Renal Disease patients in an unacceptable standard of practice. The patients are left in the middle feeling desperate and confused. 
Without any options, all 25 ARxC Dialysis patients will return to their Fresenius locations starting Thursday, September 1 to receive their scheduled dialysis treatment. They do not know what fate awaits them especially at the Fresenius clinics. ARxC is committed to support these patients to receive continued scheduled dialysis treatment until both parties realize that without this care these 25 individuals will die. 
Location of the Fresenius Clinic majority of patients will be returning to Thursday, September 1, 2011, @ 6AM at 22 Executive Park West, Suite 2200, Atlanta, Georgia, 30329.