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Donate to the ARxC Supply Patrol!

ARxC Supply Patrol is collecting medical supplies for our hospital workers! Today we delivered our first load to St Joseph's Hospital and Emory University Hospital/ Grady Hospital downtown. We drove 256 miles to get these supplies and will continue to travel our state to get more! We will also be sending them food to nourish them as they work so hard to save our lives. We are asking for donations to continue this work. We thank you in advance for your generosity...

GCOA 2020 Distinguished Older Georgian: Jerry "Pops" Barnes

ARxC's dear friend, exceptional councilman and advocate of 22+ years, @JerryPopsBarnes, received a long overdue award. 

Congratulations! You continue to inspire! We love you!

Follow Jerry “Pops” Barnes, Former Council member at ...

Attend PBM Bill HB 946 Hearing Monday (2/24)

Action Alert: Please Attend PBM Bill HB 946 Hearing Monday!

Legislators respond when patients are present!


House Special Committee On Access to Quality Health Care - Committee Meeting

Please attend this hearing. We must fill the room.

Hearing on HB 918,946, 947; Regulating and Transparency of PBMs

These bills are not perfect.  However they are a step...

Rx in Reach Call for Action in Support of SB313

On February 12, 2020 the Rx in Reach Georgia Coalition attended the Georgia Senate Sub Committee on Insurance hearing for SB313, legislation to increase the oversight and regulation of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).


PBMs are corporations that negotiate pricing between insurers...

Black Women Develop Lupus at Younger Age with More Life-Threatening Complications

Black Women Develop Lupus at Younger Age with More Life-Threatening Complications


The research results are based on data from the Michigan and Georgia Lupus Registries.